I wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Steve did for us at a recent trial. Not only did he have the tech work flawlessly (which never happens), he added invaluable trial strategy throughout and had a great rapport with our client (Verizon Wireless). I would never go to trial again without him (I have him booked again in July), and we have communicated to all the attys in our firm that if you need a tech guy at trial who is a seamless part of your team and adds real value, Steve is the guy. Steve is probably blushing now, but it’s all true. We too often call to complain (and attys are the worst) but don’t acknowledge a job well done. This was not only well done, but outstanding and I’m happy to report that you have a very happy client at Jackson Lewis.

William Stukenberg, Attorney at Law

I have worked with Steve for over twenty years. He has been invaluable in my mediation and trial presentations of deposition testimony and exhibits, PowerPoint presentations and Day in the Life videos. Day in the Life videos can tell a very compelling and moving story in just a few minutes. From planning and shooting the video to successfully interacting with the clients to the final editing process, I can always depend upon Steve to turn out a first rate result.

Michael L. Phifer, The Phifer Law Firm

Steve has been providing trial support for us for years. Steve goes above and beyond, and is always willing to work “lawyer’s hours” with us in the days leading up to, and during, our trials. He utilizes the latest technology and has helpful suggestions on how we can improve our presentation and exhibits. Steve also takes the time and effort to learn our case and strategies, so he can serve as another set of competent eyes, catching things that we may have missed during the trial. We love working with Steve and his team.

Ben Carpenter, Partner at Daw & Ray, L.L.P.

I have been working with Steve for a number of years. Initially, Steve provided the typical array of videographer services: he just provided those services better than anyone else. Now, Steve works with me on trial preparation, trial graphics and is a trusted member of my trial team. Steve is invaluable. Steve handles the audio/visual tasks at trial flawlessly, from presenting our opening PowerPoint to playing our deposition offers. I know, before voir dire begins, that Steve has inspected the courtroom and all our equipment is ready, with a failsafe in place. Going to trial with Steve allows me to focus on the trial as I know all technical issues are handled. It is not uncommon for my opposing counsel to end up relying on Steve to help with technical issues that arise (for them) during trial. Steve is the best. He is professional, amicable, punctual and always prepared.

Jared Levinthal, Levinthal Wilkins, LLC

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Schuller for almost twenty years. During that time, Steve and I have been in trial all over the State of Texas. Frankly, I have taken Steve to some of the worst judicial “hell holes” in this State and have asked him to work under very difficult conditions. On many occasions, Steve has worked all night to help me be prepared for the next trial day. He has always done so without complaint and has provided a superior product with an exceptional presentation. Long ago, I began looking to Steve for much more than just the visuals. Steve is an important part of my trial team and I frequently rely upon his input in making strategy decisions during the heat of trial. His input has been invaluable over the years and I am looking forward to working with him for many years to come. I can’t imagine going to trial without Steve Schuller sitting next to me.

Dwayne Newton, Newton, Jones & Spaeth

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